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  • use all safety materials, equipment, devices, and clothing that are provided by the employer and are intended to protect the employees.

  • follow procedures that relate to the health and safety of employees.

  • follow all instructions provided by the employer concerning the health and safety of employees.

  • cooperate with any person carrying out a duty or function required by the Code.

  • cooperate with policy and workplace committees and health and safety representatives.

  • report to the employer anything or circumstance that is likely to be hazardous to the employees or any other person in the work place.

  • report to the employer, all work related accidents, occupational diseases or other hazardous occurrences that have caused injury to the employee or any other person;

  • report to the employer, any situation the employee believes to be a contravention of Part II of the Code, by the employer, another employee or any other person.

  • comply with every oral direction or written direction given by a health and safety officer or an appeal officer.

  • respond in writing to a health and safety officer's direction or report when requested to do so by the health and safety officer.


KSH Staffing Solutions Inc will take every precaution to ensure that all Health and Safety requirements are met.

KSH Staffing Solutions Inc has a duty to ensure that the health and safety of every person employed are protected while they are working. KSH Staffing solution fully complies with the Canada Labour Code.

Employees have a responsibility to take all reasonable and necessary precautions to ensure their health and safety and that of anyone else who may be affected by their work or activities. Specifically, the Code requires employees to:

Health & Safety Policy
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KSH takes all precautionary steps to preserve the confidentiality of all Personal Information collected in a manner consistent with The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

KSH will manage the personal information of job seekers, candidates, and clients. KSH will not disclose, trade, rent, sell, or otherwise transfer your personal information, without consent.



When applying for a job, certain information may be made available to the company with whom you have applied. Applicants’ personal information, including Resume, SIN, Work Permits, Photo ID, Direct Deposit Form, Licences. This information is needed to determine an applicant’s qualifications and assist with career placements.


All information provided to KSH Staffing Solutions Inc is solely used for the purpose of KSH Staffing Solutions Inc services. KSH Staffing Solutions Inc ensures that Personal Information is handled in accordance with rights granted under applicable legislation and with best recordkeeping practices.



Updates to KSH Staffing Solutions Inc privacy policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes to our personal information practices.

Privacy Policy
Safe Work Policy


KSH Staffing Solutions Inc is committed to ensuring that all individuals employed or seeking services are free from harassment and violence in the workplace of any kind. All employees and employers are made aware of their rights to strengthen the measures to prevent all forms of misconduct in the workplace.

The Regulations of workplace harassment and violence prevention policy, as well as the procedures that must be in place to respond to incidents of harassment and violence if they do occur. 

KSH Staffing Solutions Inc's management will investigate all concerns, allegations, and incidents of workplace violence and harassment in a timely manner while respecting the employee’s privacy. KSH Staffing Solutions Inc will ensure employees are informed of their rights and responsibilities.


Employees and Employers have the responsibility to report any incident of workplace violence or harassment to their Supervisor or Management. All incidents will be investigated. KSH Staffing Solutions expects every employee, at all levels of the company, to promote and comply with our workplace violence and harassment prevention policies.

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